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Our Goats

About our goats

When we bought our first small herd of goats more than 20 years ago, we had no idea how much we would fall in love with these personable, gentle animals.

Certified Humane

We have always been committed to our goats’ health and well being and are formally verified as Certified Humane® — because we think that milk from happy, healthy goats is just better.

During the summer, you’ll usually find our goats lounging in the shade inside of our spacious open barns, where large fans circulate air and keep temperatures cool.

Open doors give our goats freedom to go outside whenever they choose. When things get wet or chilly, we provide our animals with fresh, warm bedding and partially close the sides of our barns to keep the space dry. But even during the winter, we always leave a few doors open for the curious goats who still want to explore.

Our dairy offers lots of room for our goats to engage in their natural behaviors

Running, jumping and playing. Goats love to explore, so we are constantly trying to stay ahead of their mischievousness. All of our baby goats are hand-raised and provided with opportunities to run, play, and socialize as they grow up.

Know your Goat

Each breed of goat has its own unique characteristics — which contributes to the great flavor of Summerhill Goat Milk.

Alpine goats make high quality goat milk


Alpine goats were originally found in the French Alps. You can recognize an Alpine goat by its colorful coat — from white and gray to brown and black. Their ears and horns stand erect and they have a long straight face.

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Nubian goats produce high-guality, high-fat milk


Nubians originated in Great Britain, but are a mix of goats from Africa, Asia, and Europe. They have big floppy ears and are usually brown (although they can actually be any color). Nubian goats produce rich and creamy milk, with a lot of butterfat in it.

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Saanens are the highest-producing breed of dairy goat.


Saanen goats were originally from the Saanen valley in Switzerland. Saanens are large, graceful, and very gentle. They are usually white or cream colored with a white beard. Saanens produce more milk than any other breed of goat at Summerhill.

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Toggenburg goats are a smaller breed of dairy goat.


Toggenburg goats originally came from the Toggenburg valley in Switzerland, making them close cousins to Saanen goats. Toggenburgs are light to dark brown with distinct white lines and spots on their bodies. In general, they are smaller than Saanens and produce less milk.

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La Mancha goats can be identified by their small ears

La Mancha

La Manchas are funny because they look like they have no ears. While the inside part of their ears is normal, the outside part (the “pinna”) is just very, very small. We’ve heard them described as “gopher” or as “elf” ears. La Manchas are usually brown, but can be other colors as well.

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