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Why Goat Milk?

Why Goat Milk?

We love our goats. They’re smart, fun, and full of personality. And their milk is nutritious, delicious, and good for the environment — making Summerhill Goat Milk a good choice for a number of reasons.

Summerhill Goat Milk is 100% pure, nature-made milk, with no other ingredients. We simply milk our goats, pasteurize, and bottle it. Pure goat milk, just as nature intended. 

Summerhill Goat Milk is a naturally good source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin A. It also contains more protein and vitamin C than cow milk.

Goat milk contains smaller fat particles than cow milk, which makes Summerhill Goat Milk milder, gentler, and easier to digest. 

The smaller fat particles in goat milk tend to stay better suspended and more evenly distributed than fat in cow’s milk; so we do not artificially homogenize our product.  

Goat milk contains A2-beta casein protein — not the A1-beta casein in cow milk — and less alpha s-1 casein as well. These differences can make goat milk less allergenic than cow milk.

All milk contains lactose — a kind of milk sugar. However, goat milk contains less lactose than cow’s milk, so many people who are unable to tolerate cow’s milk find they can enjoy goat milk.

Goat milk can be a great alternative for anyone who is lactose intolerant, allergic to cow or soy milk, or suffers from ulcers and other stomach ailments. If you have a severe allergy to cow milk please be sure to speak to your health care provider before trying goat milk

Summerhill Goat Dairy is powered by clean solar energy. We keep all processing and bottling on-site, which gets rid of unnecessary transportation and minimizes our carbon footprint.

Summerhill Goat Milk is mild and sweet. Our milk is chilled immediately after leaving our goats, which preserves its natural flavor. 

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