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about us

about us

From Goat to Glass

We believe that simple is better — and easier to enjoy. Our goats live only a short walk from our state of the art milking parlour and creamery. They produce milk and we pasteurize and bottle it. All under one roof. Simple.

Our Story

Summerhill Goat Dairy has been family-owned and operated for more than 20 years. We started small, with 168 milking goats, even though we didn’t know the first thing about running a goat dairy. We tried some things that worked (and a few that didn’t too!) and quickly got some experience. We listened to and became friends with people that knew more than us. And we learned a lot!

After years of work, we’re honored that people let us share our goat milk with them. Each year, the demand for Summerhill Goat Milk grows. And as a result, our family of team members and goats has grown too — but our commitment to them remains unchanged.

Young girl sitting on hay bale with bottle of goat milk

Goat Milk for Everyone

We believe that everyone should be able to experience the benefits of high-quality goat milk — so we are thrilled to bring our products to a greater number of customers each year. The simplicity and efficiency of our operation help us keep our goat milk accessible to as many people as possible — all while maintaining the quality and taste that customers have come to expect from us.


Johnnie's Family Immigrated
Johnnie’s dad and his family immigrated to Poway, CA and began dairying in San Marcos, CA soon after
Anneke's Family Immigrated
Anneke & her family immigrated in April 1977, selling a small dairy in the Netherlands and relocating to a larger dairy in Dinuba, CA, her brothers still dairy on the same location
Started Farming
Johnnie & Anneke started farming on their own in 1994 after their marriage
Bought the goats!
Bought the first set of goats and start milking goats!
Hired first employee
January 2000 – hired a milker who is now the #2 guy in the plant
Moved to Hanford
Bought the land in Hanford, CA in 2008 and Began milking in Hanford, CA in 2010
Final goat barn finished in 2015 and new storage building and office space in 2019
2015 - 2019
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