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What is A2 Protein?

A white kitchen. A bottle of Summerhill Goat Milk sits Center Left on the white counter, and a 8 oz glass of goat milk sits Center Right.

What is A2 Protein?

Let’s Talk About A2 Protein

There’s always something new in the dairy aisle!  Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about A2 milk. But in the goat milk world, A2 is nothing new.  Goat milk, the most widely consumed milk in the world, has always naturally contained A2 protein.  Let’s talk about protein in goat milk and what the A2 protein means for you.   

How much A2 protein is in a glass of Summerhill Goat Milk?

Each 8 oz. serving of Summerhill Goat Milk contains 9 grams of protein! This is more protein than a glass of whole cows’ milk, and significantly more than alternative milk substitutes. With a recommended protein intake of 15-30 grams per meal[1], drinking a glass of Summerhill Goat Milk or using it to cook your favorite recipes is a great way to supplement your daily protein needs. Milk containing A2 proteins is also nutritionally positive for pre- or post-workout meal goals.[2]

What makes goat milk protein different?

All goat milk naturally contains only A2 β-casein proteins. Though there is only a single nucleotide difference[3] between A1 and A2 proteins, the effects on digestion are markedly different. Goat milk also has 1% less lactose than cow milk. [4]


For a portion of people who don’t feel they digest milk well, they may in fact have an allergy to the A1 protein, rather than the lactose itself. Studies have found that subjects who drank milk only containing A2 proteins experienced less gastrointestinal distress than the subjects who drank milk with A1 proteins.[5] [6] You can find more information on the differences between cow milk and goat milk here. 

Does Summerhill have proof of protein content?

Yes! Although all goat milk is naturally A2, Summerhill took the extra step to have the milk tested. We know customers find extra assurance in third-party testing, and can confirm that Summerhill Goat Milk contains only A2 protein.

As always, if you experience allergic reactions to cow milk, please consult with your doctor before trying Summerhill Goat Milk.

Find us in a store near you to start enjoying the benefits of Summerhill Goat Milk’s A2 protein today!








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A glass of salted honey latte sits on a white coaster in the foreground, with a honey wand on the counter next to it. Behind it there is a bottle of Summerhill Goat Milk on the left and another latte glass on the right. A potted plant is blurrred into the left corner.

Salted Honey Latte with Summerhill Goat Milk

There is nothing like a delicious iced latte on a hot summer's day! This salted honey latte is the perfect combo of espresso, Summerhill goat milk, and a natural sweetener to keep you cool and energized for the long summer day. 
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Egg Bites with Summerhill Goat Milk

Are you looking for ways to meal-prep large breakfast recipes! Try our egg muffin bites made with Summerhill Goat Milk! These savory egg bites can be eaten immediately or frozen to enjoy later and are the perfect breakfast for a busy day on the go.
photo taken from angle above. A glass of peach smoothie sits on a small round cutting board, with a wicker wrap and strawberry slice for garnish. A bottle of Summerhill goat milk sits in the left background. peach slices and strawberries are scattered on the counter for decoration.

Goat Milk Smoothie Recipes!

Looking for some fresh, sweet, and nutritious options for breakfast smoothies? Consider adding Summerhill Goat Milk to amp up your protein content! Summerhill Goat Milk contains 9 grams of A2 protein in each 8 ounce serving, making it easier to digest and easier to enjoy. These delicious smoothies are a great way to stay cool and satiated this summer.

Apples, berries, oats, and Summerhill Goat Milk come together in a delicious baked breakfast that will keep you going all morning long.